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Monday, 24 June 2013

Five Things You MUST Do In Vienna (By Jessica)

I have just arrived back from a wonderful holiday in Vienna, Austria with my grandparents. I had a great time, and I want to share my top five things to see and do (in no particular order)...

1. Schönbrunn 

I had a brilliant time in this palace. We took the Imperial Tour, which allowed us to walk around twenty amazing rooms while listening to audio guides. The other option was a tour of forty rooms, which seemed too many. I loved walking round the rooms because the facts were interesting and it was very cool to see how elaborately furnished they were. My favourite room was the exquisite Grand Hall. I especially liked the massive chandeliers dangling down from the ceiling. The food was delicious too. I had some small pizza-like things with tomato sauce, spinach and cheese that were divine. My grandparents also had a delicious-looking salad. The dining area was really nice and it contained lots of things to look at.
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Is 11 too old for Disney World?

We were thrilled that the Huffington Post UK ran J's article on our trip to Disney. In case you didn't see it there, here it is....

Princesses, parades and characters I faintly remember loving aged two. Surely I, an 11 year old girl, am way too old for Disney World?

As we drove into DisneyWorld, I felt a surge of excitement. I had dreamed of visiting Disney forever and that dream was coming true. However, I was also slightly worried. When I had been begging my parents to take me, I was still in love with Belle, Toy Story and Pluto. Surely I wouldn't feel the same way about meeting them now as I would have when I was younger?

The first park we visited was the Disney Hollywood Studios. I was most looking forward to the Toy Story Mania ride because I'd heard so much about it. My expectations were very high but when I saw the waiting area, I almost changed my mind. It was full of brightly coloured games that looked cheesy and babyish. Suddenly, Disney started seeming less appealing.

My mind changed as soon as the ride started. My family spun around, laughing as we shot virtual pies, pins and darts at pretend targets. It was such good fun.

When my parents persuaded me to have my picture taken with the Monsters Inc characters, I felt a bit embarrassed. The line was full of five year olds and I was eleven! But Disney obviously drew the younger child out of me though, and it was quite cool to have my picture taken with Sully and Mike Wazowski. I didn't even mind knowing it was actors inside the costumes.
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