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Family Travel Times: April 2014

Monday, 28 April 2014

Seven Super Reasons to stay in a Bed and Breakfast

Outside Becketts B&B
 Travelling with children can be expensive and tricky. And depending on the ages of the kids, certain issues - babysitting, cots, large rooms, breakfast times which start early - can become surprisingly important.

But if you are looking for something a little different, and possibly, even a little bit cheaper than a hotel, we would recommend a Bed and Breakfast (or B&B).

We have always been fans of B&Bs even before we had children. When we holidayed regularly in America, we used our travel books (this was pre-internet) to search out recommended B&Bs, and hoped for friendly, informed hosts and delicious breakfast treats. We always got these and for far cheaper than a hotel. In fact, I still remember staying in a wonderful B&B in Newport Rhode Island which also served fresh cookies and sherry for tea every afternoon (all included in the price of course).

B&Bs faded away slightly once we had young children, not least because you become extremely conscious of noise when you are staying in someone's house! However, it was also because of course it meant that you had to go out to eat for supper, which was not always suitable with youngsters. Now the children are 12 and 9 (today - happy birthday Robert!) we love them again. In fact we have loved them again for quite some years. Let me tell you why.

1) The personal touch
Most B&B owners aren't part of a bigger corporation or chain - they do it to earn money and because they enjoy it. This means they really care about their guests' experience, from the breakfast (more on that below) to ensuring that that any information given is up to date and helpful. They rely on good reviews and word of mouth to survive.

2) A delicious breakfast
Hotel breakfasts can be delicious, but are often extremely expensive. At a B&B they are, of course, included, and cooked to order. You will often find all kinds of tempting goodies on offer, including homemade granola or bread, home-grown fruit salad, or delicious freshly poached eggs and sausages. You will rarely go away hungry and the service, because it's not for hundreds of guests, is good.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

An Awesome Time At Hever Castle By Jessica!

Although the weather was poor, our family had a fabulous time at Hever Castle. Here is what we did...

As we got to the castle early, we decided to go outside and have a look around first - something that is essential for every visit. There is loads for adults and children alike, ranging from incredible gardens to kids' playgrounds.
The Castle
You can see most of what we did from the video, but some of it has to be described in a bit more detail.
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Groombridge Place by Robert

We went to Kent at the weekend and visited Groombridge Place. It was fun, exciting and interesting. The main activities were in the Enchanted Forest and, the ones I liked best were when we:

* Found out that there is such thing as a zedonk, (half zebra and half donkey.) The one we saw was called Adam.

Walked across a half mile boardwalk that included zip wires, tyres to climb through, tunnels, wobbly bridges and lots more.
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