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Family Travel Times: August 2013

Friday, 30 August 2013

Three Amazing Places To Eat In Central Bristol With Kids (by Jessica)

This summer, we had an amazing five days in Bristol, with lots of time spent in the city centre. Here are three great places that we ate at and really enjoyed...

The Spyglass
3. Spyglass
The Spyglass is a small, friendly restaurant with a fabulous children's menu and a wonderful and quiet location.
The menu had great variety and all of the food was delicious. I especially loved my corn on the cob which was rolled in an incredible chilli, garlic and cheese mixture - scrumptious! This was served wi
th BBQ garlic bread which was really nice. The Spyglass makes its very own ice-cream on the premises and it was honestly one of the nicest ice-creams I've ever tasted. My mum points out that kids eat free here if adults have a main course, and that seems like very good value to me.
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Monday, 26 August 2013

Gromit Set Loose (by Robert)

Gromit Lightyear
Where's Wallace?
Gromit set loose is on over the summer holidays. In it you try to find  models of Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit.) Each sculpture is different because each one was designed by another person or artist like the Beano or Zayn from One Direction.

There are 80 Gromits to find all over Bristol and a few in other towns. My sister and I found 39. It was really fun looking for the Gromits and sometimes we found some without meaning to. My favourite ones were a salty sea dog by Peter Lord, Gromit Lightyear by Pixar and Where's Wallace? by Martin Handford.
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hello to new visitors!

We are delighted to have published two recent guest posts and wanted to say hello to anyone who may have found us through them.

Our post for Travel Dudes was on our brilliant trip to the US and how we loved being Family of the Day at the Magic Kingdom. You can see this article on Travel Dudes. It includes this picture of us with the cast of the opening show - after which I opened the park with the classic words "Good Morning"!

If you've come to us via Travel Dudes and are interested in reading more about Disney World or Orlando, take a look at Jessica's post on the best rides at Universal Studios, whether 11 is too old for Disney or my post for BritMums about SeaWorld.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our Fabulous Day At The Science Museum (by Jessica)

We were lucky enough to see the Energy Show at the Science Museum and we had a brilliant time.

The live show is based around two futuristic science students - serious Annabella and Star-Wars obsessed Phil. To pass their science exam, they must perform a five minute skit showing and explaining the nine different types of energy. To help them, they have an old lab full of cool equipment and two assistants (Bernard and i-nstein). The 75 minute long production features loads of explosive experiments, fun facts and big bangs so -although the loud noises may put some people off- it is fun for everyone aged 7+.

My favourite character in the show was Bernard as he was really funny, especially when he fell in love with Annabella. Phil was also hilarious; she made loads of great Star Wars references in totally awesome voices!

The experiments were incredible but scary - I did spend some of the time anxiously anticipating loud bangs. However, the results were always very cool and the sound were not as loud as I expected.

My favourite experiment (although it was also the loudest) was when Annabella and Phil put hydrogen and oxygen in balloons, then added fire to pop them. The first only had oxygen and it made quite a quiet sound in comparison to what I was expecting. The second only had hydrogen in it and it made a massive noise. I was extremely scared about what the balloon with the mix of chemicals would sound like! Luckily it wasn't too terrible, and I learnt a lot about combustion in the process.
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Friday, 2 August 2013

Beanotown: the Dennis the Menace festival (by Robert)

The Dennis the Menace festival (officially called Beanotown) is on until September the 8th. It celebrates 75 years of the Beano and Dennis and Gnasher, two of the most well known comic characters in the country!

In the festival you can dress up as your favourite characters and get pictures of them, you can shoot evil baddies with your special nerf gun like you are Banana Man (but nearly all of the guns were broken ) and you can experience going inside Dennis' treehouse with its own unique style of wall paper (your drawing).

You can read Dennis and Gnasher albums going back to the 1960s and, in the shop, you can buy comics, clothes, pranks, videos and games, some which Dennis might have had himself.

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