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Family Travel Times: September 2005

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Rediscovering the lands of the valleys: Wales (September 2005)

The last time I went to Wales I was 12 years old and it rained every day. It's hardly surprising then that I didn't return to the land of the valleys for another two decades. Now, however, I've become a Welsh convert.

In the old days - before children - holidays meant relaxation.

Once upon a time my husband and I worried about the time hotel breakfasts finished (could we really make it down by 10.30?). These days we worry that they start too late (no food until 7.30? What are we to do for the two hours before that?).

Nowadays the lure of a spa and Jacuzzi are less likely to tempt us - instead we look for child-friendly activities, pleasant staff and children's food consisting of more than just fish fingers.


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