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Family Travel Times: October 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Visiting Sulgrave Manor

Last week we visited Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire and we thought it was excellent, for boys and girls. I would highly recommend it.

The manor (which you can see above) is the home of George Washington’s ancestors (there’ll be big celebrations on July 4th), and includes a George Washington exhibit. It’s actually a modest manor house from the 16th century, but those who run it have done a terrific job in making it an attractive venue to visit. There’s not just the American angle, but also a huge emphasis on being family-friendly.

Sulgrave actually offers a tour especially for children, something I’d never heard of before, but which really impressed me. The guide (Thea) was excellent and we all (adults included) learnt an awful lot. The kids also loved getting involved – my son enjoyed turning the spit by the old fire, a job he would have had in the old days – and both children were fascinated to hear about the 11 Washington children who had to stand through their lengthy meals (two hours or more) each day.

I was also impressed that the small cafe included a plethora of child-friendly activities, from brass rubbing to I-Spy and making bookmarks.Other museums could learn from this one...

(This piece appeared originally in a longer format on my School Gate blog).

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