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Family Travel Times: June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My guilt over Legoland queue jumping....

The children with the Q-bot
Whining and tiredness are never good on days out - even those which have gone well. So, if you were offered the opportunity to have a great outing with the kids and as little whining at possible, would you take it? Even if it was against your better nature?
I ask because I have done just that. I queue jumped at Legoland, had a great time, and felt a mixture of guilt and delight. But overall, it was worth it.
All this was thanks to the Q-Bot, a small, hand-held device which looks like a child’s tamagotchi toy. It’s small, but very powerful – enabling you to jump the Legoland queues. It may all seem very un-English, and it certainly gave me a little bit of a bad conscience. But did it increase the fun we had? You bet.
Having kids makes you go to places you never thought you would visit. And that’s certainly true of Legoland, a theme park for the under 12’s. It’s located in a beautiful setting near Windsor and contains lots of Lego recreations of cities and countries. The kids, however, are not really that interested in the London Eye made out of small blocks, but instead gravitate towards the rides. And it’s the rides which cause all that tiredness and frustration.…..

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