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Family Travel Times: June 2014

Friday, 27 June 2014

5 top tips for visiting Legoland (by Robert, aged 9)

I am sure most of you have heard of or been to Legoland. I love going there and wanted to share my top tips for when you go again (or for any first-timers).

5  Try and plan out your day before you get to Legoland because it saves a lot of time.

4 Try to go on the Dragon rollercoaster and Laser Raiders late in the day because the queues can go on for more than 45 minutes.

3 Go on the wet rides at the end so that you aren't wet for any of the other rides afterwards!

2 If you are not sure if to go on a ride or not, watch the ride one to three  times before you go on. That way you will know if a ride might be too scary or too babyish.

1 Unless you have a Q-Bot or there is hardly anyone at the park I recommend to not go on a ride more than twice.

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A Harry Potter walking tour in London

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Monday, 16 June 2014

A Delicious Breakfast in London By Jess

Last weekend, my family and I stayed overnight at the five star Marriott Park Lane Hotel near Marble Arch and Oxford Street (we stayed using Marriott Miles!), and got to try out breakfast at its new restaurant - Lanes of London.  This is what I thought...

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Harry Potter Walking Tour in London

We started the tour at Embankment tube station which is featured in the Harry Potter films when Harry goes to the Ministry of Magic with Mr Weasley
Me and my mum went on a Harry Potter walking tour. On a walking tour, you walk around and look at places connected to a popular film. I was in a group of 15 people and the walk took two hours. I had a fantastic (but tiring) time.

We went to loads of Harry Potter related places, like Diagon Alley and the Ministry of Magic which are all in central London. These were my favourite places, as I had seen them lots of times in the films, so it was really exciting to see them in real life. It felt like I was inside the story! 

This was me and June re-enacting a scene when Ron is keeping a look-out

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Visiting Selby Abbey: nearly 1,000 years of history

One of the joys of travelling is stumbling on gems you don't expect to find. That's what Jess and I did last week in Yorkshire.

We were on a trip to make macaroons (yes, really) in the glamorous Carlton Towers near Selby and will tell you all about that another time. We had a few hours to kill before our train back to London, and luckily a helpful taxi driver was on hand.

"Did you know that we have a near 1,000 year old abbey here?" he asked us. Funnily enough we didn't, but we asked him to take us there to have a look.

We arrived at Selby Abbey 3.50pm and were disappointed to see that it closed at 4. Fortunately we were then told we could stay as long as we wanted and we found it fascinating. It has rather an impressive, and turbulent, history, as well as marvellous architecture and beautiful stained glass windows.

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