Saturday, 2 November 2013

We've been away, but where?

This statue is of a famous monarch
We're lucky enough to have been on holiday during half-term. But where do you think we've been?

Here a few clues, all pictures from the city we very much enjoyed visiting.

Isn't this beautiful? We were delighted to see a rainbow in the fountain at this palace...

We'll let you know where we went soon, but if you have any thoughts, please put them below.


We also saw a statue of a very famous British Prime Minister

 We think this thinker is the one which will give it away!

UPDATE: The answer is....Paris! Please see our new post for more.


  1. I have no idea. But I'm thinking it's somewhere on the continent?

    1. That gives you a lot of options, but yes! The answer is above. Thanks for coming by...

  2. I saw The Thinker in Paris but I know there are a few of them across the world. I would still plump for Paris as the trees look familiar!

    1. Trish, you're right (I would expect no less). Please see our latest post for more on our trip. Thanks